e-learning is a priceless gift to the learning and education sector. This has eliminated the distance barrier and made learning a pleasant and joyful experience. With the advent of E-learning, knowledge and information is just a click away. Things changed drastically at the turn of the millennium; with the near omnipresent reach of Internet and ever increasing bandwidth, it was possible to deliver high definition media rich content online.

The role of e-learning :

Knowledge is power. Every company has a huge pool of experts and senior persons with versatile knowledge and expertise. No company wants to loose the power of high worth knowledge. Loss of such experience and quality knowledge may affect the productivity, standards and even the identity of the company. And it must be protected as it is the true asset of the company.

The use of e-learning tools to archive the knowledge of the experts for the coming generations will enrich the competency and productivity of the company. Look at the scenario of an I T company where thousands of employees work. The company needs to arrange training for the massive employees at different levels. It demands experts to give the same quality guidance at every phase of the training process. For reasons beyond to human nature, the expert many not be able to maintain the same standard of the training every time or may not be able to spend sufficient amount of time due to various reasons.

In such situations, the big companies, with large number of employees find, e-learning as a boon. Using e-learning Solutions, even if the expert is not there a new employee or an existing one can learn about various processes and methodologies needed during the work. The employee can go through the learning material, prepare himself/herself to be productive from the day one.

The companies that run many branches can use E-learning to standardize their information. As information is just a click away, the cost and time for training becomes negligible. Thus the company can train their employees on all details regarding the way they have to present themselves, and the type of technology and systems they have to use. Even without spending the experts' time and effort employees can be trained in an effective manner that costs considerably less. And with E-learning you can:

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  • Standardization of company's identity /communication
  • Guarantee High productivity
  • Save substantial time
  • Avoid repetitive Training
  • Cost Saving
  • Build high value knowledge asset

And still thinking why e-learning ?

In the current scenario where the job market is constantly changing, conducting training for the employees in an organization is a very important activity. Effective training helps in increasing the efficiency, quality of work, and job satisfaction of the employees, resulting in better output for the organization.

E-learning is preferred

e-learning provides many benefits over the traditional class room based training. It helps organizations to build online repository of learning content, which can be shared across organization. The learning content can be personalized to employees needs or aligned towards organizational goals. The other benefits of e-learning are reduced training cost, anytime/anywhere access of learning content (easy availability) and sharing (reusability) of learning content.

E-learning delivers online training, education and information to improve the end-user knowledge. Most universities and learning institutions are also going the e-way and transferring their learning courses online. With almost every organization catering to a global audience and with almost the entire world connected through the Internet today, E-learning is gaining popularity at a fast pace.

E-learning requires no instructor or mentor to deliver content or validate assessments, and therefore distinguishes itself from traditional c-learning (Classroom Learning). While some scenarios require instructor interaction, e-Learning facilitates self-directed, self-paced learning as the learner generally interacts primarily with the system.

We can capture the advantages of e-learning in short:
  • Anywhere, Anytime
  • Cost saving
  • Flexibility
  • Specific learning
  • Global Interaction with other participants and tutors
  • Learners can revisit content for reinforcement
  • Multimedia experience with sound, animation and/or video, can enliven presentation of factual information and support different learning styles
  • Transmission of information online enables practitioners and learners to use their scheduled contact time more creatively

Why DreaMarT Interactive?

Now comes the best part. Which company should I outsource to? And you know that choosing the right partner can only lead you onto an expressway to growth and financial success.

Then you should go for a company, DreaMarT Interactive which has a track record of successful project implementation for clients across the world.

DreaMarT Interactive has a talented and experience-rich team. People power is the main reason behind the unparalleled achievements of the company. Our caring team of experts, which worships the god in the details, assumes any challenge that the client brings to our table and emerges out with a profitable solution that invariably convinces the client of its potential to succeed in the face of tough competition.

Our team can help you design and deploy robust e-learning solutions starting from content customization, E-learning strategies and integrating e-learning into your framework. We'll partner with you and help you align your learning objectives with your business objectives and implement the right solution for you. We assure you E- learning solutions that stand along with the standards of some of the top E-learning production companies across the globe.

We design perfect solutions by Keeping your business objectives in mind , Understanding what you mean, not just what you say , Assuring transparency all through the process ,By assuring a product that meets your business goals ..

DreaMarT Interactive believes that effective learning can result in building a better future. DreaMarT Interactive has the right expertise to utilize technology and teaching methodologies to maximize learning. We keep in mind the primary objectives of E-learning to assure multidimensional usage of the products.

Our end product will cater the need of Market learning material or online course to a global audience, new channels of instruction, targeting various marketing segments Internal training within an organization, Standardization that can reduce the dependence on instructional expertise.

DreaMarT Interactive assures you that the contents provided by us meet the following requirements:
  • Conformance to global e-learning standards
  • Enhanced scalability and usability of content
  • Ability to serve diverse learners needs
  • Increased reach, flexibility, and quality of
  • learning achieved through greater student access
  • Improves learners' critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Encourages and improves communication and collaboration among teachers and the taught
  • Motivates learner to learn and excel by utilizing a real-world approach
In short, DreaMarT Interactive is an ideal partner for developing E-learning solution with.
  • Higher quality standards
  • Highly creative team
  • Multi-dimensional experience
  • Latest technology
  • Good infrastructure
  • End to end solutions
  • Motivates learner to learn and excel by
  • utilizing a real-world approach
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