Fog Screen Display

Fog Screen projection screen produces a thin curtain of "dry" fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays - which is why FogScreen projection screen is used so often at product launches, trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, casinos and other venues.

It's as simple as it is stunning. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. You can walk right through a FogScreen projection screen without getting wet. The microscopic fog droplets actually feel dry to the touch, just like air.

Dimension of the Screen:


  • Width of the Screen:8 feet
  • Operators Required: 2 Nos
  • Environment should be wind free
  • Unit dimensions: Height 64 cm, depth 75.5 cm and width 2.1 m
  • Weight: Approximately: 160 kg with end fans
  • Power requirements: Operating voltage is 180-250 V, max 16 A
  • Power consumption: 2 kW
  • Water consumption: From 6 to 10 liters per hour, depending on fog output. Water feed is regulated by the control unit
  • Operating temperature: Normal room temperature, designed for indoor use. The operating temperature range is between +5 and +40 degrees Celsius

Truss Required:

The internal dimension of the Truss required is as:

  • 10 ft - Height
  • 10ft - Width
  • 12ft - Depth

Black Masking needs to be done on Top & both the sides of the Truss as shown below.

Fog Screen Display Gallery

Fog Screen Displays interactive floor Fog Screen Displays interactive floor Fog Screen Displays interactive floor interactive display interactive exhibits interactive marketing
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